Design Concept

The Springside latest terrace housing development; Brooks Signature @ Springside situated off Sembawang Road is a precedent of ever innovating & evolving private landed development since its conception almost 2 decades ago. As the last few phases of the development, the general design intent is to set a new benchmark in architectural design for landed housing in Singapore as the finale of the Springside development. The architectural aspects draw its aspirations from a number of key objectives; with the main driving force for a strong ecological character not only reflective of its exterior facades but a unification of both internal spacious layouts with the external building character.


The end product of various architectural considerations, it is an infusion of architectural responses to the tropical environment and manipulation and overlapping of the house’s internal spaces with perforation of voids into different areas, together with passively designed elements to allow natural lighting & ventilation into interior spaces while keeping the elements, e.g. thermal gain, visual glare away with incorporated sun-shading features through modern use of louvers & screens.


From these initial objectives, facades of different manifestation are derived, displaying a range of different building characters with individual identities easily identifiable while originating from the same goals set for this iconic & evolving development. 3 characters were created for these phases showcasing the variety of specific trends and affections, which generates associations with an infusion of designs that has their individual identities.


Brooks Signature design


TX – Easily the most identifiable character of the 3, the interfacing use of strong vertical lines in the form of sun-shading screen of green wall with a simple canvas of building façade; emphasize on its clear direction of environmentally responsive iconic architectural design. Internally, the introduction of a triple volume space over the Dining with its internal staircase overlooking the void and open courtyard on each level on the opposite side gives the sense of spaciousness while natural lighting is generous into the internal space at all levels.


TW – The architecture is also identifiable through the language of modern clean and sleek lines in creating the illusion of lightness and depth that is pleasant to the eye. With the introduction of windows & skylight at the double volume space over the Dining area, enhances the overall spatial experience in the internal space of the 1st & 2nd storeys. On the 3rd storey, the open roof terrace provides for a private outdoor space for the family of the unit as an extended entertainment area for the difference lifestyle of individual owners.


TY – The façade of this unit type is clad mostly in composite timber panels, this unit type encompassed and embrace environmental sustainability as part of the design intention of the development while reflecting a rustic natural feel to this unit type. Like the two other unit types, internal spatial quality is further enhance with the incorporation of voids, courtyards and abundance of natural light & ventilation to all spaces of the unit for enjoyment of the occupants.