Site Plan

Brooks Signature - site plan 3


Situated along Springside Ave and Springside View, Brooks Signature @ Springside comprises a total of 88 Inter Terraces and 26 Corner Terraces. Generally, there are 3 designs that display various needs and purposes. These designs are categorized into type TW, TX and TY. From modern contemporary to environmentally responsive architectural design; The Springside latest landed development offer the discerning home buyers an aspiring and distinctive choices.


Along Springside View, odd numbers houses are from 51 to 169, while even numbered houses are from 54 to 106. As for Springside Ave, odd numbered houses are from 161 to 205 and even numbered houses are from 200 to 206.
While each house comes with their own open roof terrace, residents can also enjoy more open spaces at the green space along Springside Ave.